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Abyss Dual Photo's Review 2018/01/18 (10:44) 폴라리온

Abyss Dual Photo's Review


The Polarion Abyss Dual is an underwater HID searchlight capable of operating at depths of up to


It is the perfect solution for both recreational and professional diving applications.



High strength aluminum & precision manufacturing ensures rugged, water-tight performance.

2 types of high grade reflectors are available according to your specific needs, and many optional

accessories helps you customize your light even more. There's also an all-new rail-type handle which

gives you expansion options like never before.






Non-contact magnetic switching ensures reliable operation under extreme conditions, and the

interchangeable battery cartridges are double o-ring sealed for extra protection.






Here's Photos of Abyss Dual







* Who is the POLARION



Polarion is munufacturer of high quality illumination tools whose specialty is High intensity Discharge

(HID) system. We have garnered international acclaim with our numerous offerings over the years,

and have been recognized with various awards/certifications such as the ISO 9001, numerous patents,

and the 2006 NEP award is given to the best new product offerings for the year. Not a small Feat

considering the great new products coming from munufacturers such as Samsung or LG. 

Precision manufacturing allows us to create products of extremely high standards, and our strict

quality control means that all the products we deliver will meet those standards.


Simply put, Polarion is dedicated to the simple goal of making the best illumination tools in the world.