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CF-3S Right Angle LED Flashlight Review 2019/07/18 (15:12) 폴라리온

CF-3S Right Angle LED Flashlight Review







For the survivalist out there or any of the firefighters or rescue personnels, a good survival

flashlight is a major piece of gear to have. Our Polarion CF-3S with right-angled rechargeable

10W flashlight is the perfect flashlight for thoses.




The brightness of this flashlight is its best asset and designed to cut through smoke and fog.

This right-angled flashlight gives you 1000 lumens of 6000K, which is so bright that this flashlight

has a max vision of 300m. and this flashlight’s reflector is good at focusing the light. So CF-3S

is specialized in cutting through smoke and fog.




It has a test report of IP66 waterproof, but is possible to rate IP68 waterproof performance.

The body is made of Nylon body offering exceptional durability of temperature above 120.

A strike bezel in front of its housing increases its durability and turns it into a reliable

self-defense tool also.


ON/OFF Switch is operated by pressing red and white buttons both side of housing.

A red button can change between high and low modes, pressing and holding the button,

all functions will shut down. A white button can change Red LED flickering, Green LED flickering.



There are the clip and circle ring which can increase its portability and ease of use. The clip

and circle ring can give you hands-free if you need.





It has a good weight and it’s well balanced, Measuring just 74x90x161 and 460g with battery.

The flashlight runs on a rechargeable 2600mAh Li-ion 18650 battery, for more 240mins(Low)

and 60mins(High). Through the battery power indicator behind the light, you can check the

battery power level. To recharge this battery, just put the flashlight on the charging cradle.





* Who is the POLARION



Polarion is munufacturer of high quality illumination tools whose specialty is High intensity Discharge

(HID) system. We have garnered international acclaim with our numerous offerings over the years,

and have been recognized with various awards/certifications such as the ISO 9001, numerous patents,

and the 2006 NEP award is given to the best new product offerings for the year. Not a small Feat

considering the great new products coming from munufacturers such as Samsung or LG. 

Precision manufacturing allows us to create products of extremely high standards, and our strict

quality control means that all the products we deliver will meet those standards.


Simply put, Polarion is dedicated to the simple goal of making the best illumination tools in the world.